Monday, 21 November 2011


In March of this year we started our new way of eating. This time we became followers of Tim Ferriss and decided to try the Four Hour Body theory to, for the zillionced time, try to loose weight. Since then our breakfast looks like this:

I cook sufficient free range eggs for a few days and keep them cooked in the refrigerator.

I cook lentils by the bulk and also keep them in the fridge, or even freeze them in portions of three tablespoons.

Frozen spinach. I love the heart form this German company delivers frozen at our doorstep. And this spinach tastes good too. I think this is important. Why would you start your day with bad tasting food?

Over night the spinach thaws and the excess liquid will be  absorbed  by the cooked lentils in the bowl.

Before breakfast: Salt and a good pinch of pepper. Only 3 1/2 min per bowl on medium in the microwave. In the meantime I peel two eggs per person and slice them with the egg slicer.
We now love this breakfast. We even like to eat it on the cheat days, because it is very satisfying for hours.


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  1. And besides from tasting good, does this new way of eating work?